Information Desk

Maps & Building Partners

Many resources are located at the Information Desk (713) 348-4096. The Information Desk provides patrons with both Rice and non-Rice information. Houston area phone books, various schedules, and Rice maps can be found at the Information Desk. Local newspapers as well as numerous popular magazines are available. A student ID is needed to borrow these items

Mail Services

The Information Desk is your one stop shop for getting your mail where it needs to go. Grab an envelope (we sell 'em), get a stamp for it (we sell those, too), and drop it off in our conveniently located mailbox.

The Information Desk houses magazines, as well. Swap your ID to read one while you hang out, turn the magazine back in for your ID. It's that easy!
Fax Services

To send a fax, ask a building manager at the information desk to help you:

  • Local: $1.00 1st page, $0.50 each additional page
  • Long Distance: $2.00 1st page, $0.50 each additional page
  • International: $5.00 1st page, $1.00 each additional page

The info desk does not receive facsimiles.

We can make black and white copies: $0.10 per sheet.

Key Access/Request Form (advisor signature required)

Key Access List/Request Form

The Student Center is responsible for issuing all keys to the Rice Memorial Center/Ley Student Center, as well as managing all security issues surrounding the use of these keys.

One individual is designated from each administrative office and student organization to authorize the issuance of keys to that respective office or organization. This individual is responsible for updating the information regarding who is able to receive keys. Once authorized, individuals may pick up their keys from the Information Desk. All individuals are required to sign a key card agreeing to the terms and conditions surrounding the use of keys.  Keys for student organization doors require a signed key card from the Information Desk to request a key.  Keys are on loan for the term of the academic year and must be returned by the last day of classes.

Lost, misplaced or stolen keys should be reported immediately to the Information Desk.  If you have any questions, contact Tim Abraham:

Lost & Found
Lost and Found items may be taken to the Information Center. After 60 days, items left in the Lost and Found are donated to local Houston charities.
Poster/Flyer Approval

The Information Desk does not accept advertisements. The staff at the Information Desk will assist patrons in locating public boards (near the Coffeehouse) for this purpose. See advertising policy on page 11 of the Student Center Policies PDF.

Postage Stamps
A maximum of ten postage stamps may be purchased at the Information Desk. For larger quantities, individuals may purchase them from Delivery Services (located behind RUPD). Envelopes are also available for sale for $.25.
Tickets for Rice Program Council and Passport to Houston events are also sold at the Information Desk (often at a discount). Tickets for RPC events require a valid Rice student ID.

The Information Desk telephone is not available for public use; however, there are phones located throughout the building for patrons' use. If a car service (shuttle, taxi, etc.) is desired, the Information Desk attendant would be happy to call one for you.

Building Services

At the Student Center, we have a number of different services to make your life easier and more convenient, including the use of advanced audio/visual equipment, a coffee shop, pub, and many more. Take advantage of them!

The Student Center has a full-service Chase automated teller machine located in the Bookstore Lobby.
Bulletin Boards
Located next to the bookstore, these boards are usually packed with interesting announcements: items for sale, job openings, or meeting notices. Go to the Information Desk to have fliers approved for posting.
Computer Terminal
Check your e-mail or surf the web at the conveniently located terminal at the Information Desk.
Located on the lower level, across from the Graduate Student Lounge, is a coin copier to assist with those last minute copy needs. Black and white copies cost $.10/each. The University Copy Center is also available to make copies. They are located directly next to the Information Desk, just inside the front doors from the circle driveway.
Courtesy Phones
Courtesy phones are located throughout the Student Center facility. There are two phone booths located at the top of the Sammy's lobby stairs, just across from RechargeU. Please dial the last four digits for on-campus calls or "9" to access an outside local line.
Notary Services
A Notary Public is available in the Student Center Administration Office on the second floor of the RMC. You need to have both your Rice ID and your driver's license with you, in order to get a document notarized. The identification must be current.
Off-Campus Housing Information

In addition to the Campus Housing Guide published each Spring Semester by the Student Association, the Office of Student Publications oversees the Off-Campus Housing Database.

Phone Charging Stations
There are charging stations for cell phones located in the basement, outside the bookstore adjacent to the construction at Droubi's, and near the information desk.
Containers for aluminum, glass, mixed paper and plastics number 1 and 2 are located throughout the facility.
Student Organization Spaces

There are several storage areas (all lockable) available for student organizations in the basement of the RMC:  4 offices (2 of these have been permanently assigned to Q&A and to RTV5), 3 closets, 8 cabinets and 24 lockers.  These resources are free of charge, assigned once a year in the Spring, and can include the summer.  Applications for the use of these spaces (links below) are reviewed by the Student Center & Student Center Advisory Committee.

Application and Policies for Student Org Resource Center Office Space 2015 (advisor signature required)

Application and Policies for Student Org Resource Center Storage Space 2015(advisor signature required)

Please note: The SORC is available for 24-hour access. However, to obtain this, organization presidents must e-mail a list of their members to Tim Abraham, Facilities Coordinator of the Student Center, at Students do NOT need to be members of any specific organization to use the space during normal Student Center operating hours.

Vending Machines
Soda and snack vending machines are located next to Willy's Pub in the basement.
Wall Outlets
The Brown Garden and Sammy's provide electrical outlets for laptops, phones, and anything else that needs to be plugged in.
Wireless Internet

Portable access to e-mail and the Internet is an immediate benefit. Some wireless access requires a valid Rice computing account and password, as well as device specific authentication. There is also more restricted wifi for visitors.