A variety of rooms and equipment are available to rent in the Rice Student Center.  Room and equipment rental rates are based on four levels of pricing: registered student organizations, university (for university-related business), nonprofit (501c3), and public/business.

Rice has recently launched a new 3-D interactive map to help visitors find their way around campus.  The new map, based on the CampusBird digital mapping platform, includes 360-degree panoramic views, stunning photographs, detailed descriptions of buildings and venues, and many other useful tools. Use the 3-D interactive map to find: detailed walking directions, campus points of interest and landmarks, dining options, accessibility, tours, events, buildings and services, and restrooms.  Built on top of Google Maps, the technology allows for zooming and panning and is visible online and via smartphones.

If you are a member of a registered student organization, or full-time staff in a Rice department, and would like to request a room in the Rice Memorial Center, click here and read the section on Event Management System below for more details. If you belong to an external organization, please email scevents@rice.edu.

For specific reservations such as boba sales or weddings/chapel rental, go to the drop-down menu under the Facilities & Events/Reservations tab. For more details based on your organization status, view the resources below.

For Non-Rice Affiliated Customers

Email your event details to  scevents@rice.edu and inquire about space availability.

If your organization is a private, nonprofit organization, you must submit a copy of the IRS letter indicating your eligibility for nonprofit status under the applicable provisions of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954, as amended. We will not accept a letter of state sales tax exemption as proof of nonprofit status.

University Name Use for Events at the Student Center

The Student Center is comprised of the Rice Memorial Center, the Rice Memorial Chapel, the Ley Student Center, and the surrounding lawn areas of the Center.

When advertising your event at the Student Center, please note that you can only use the name of the university as a location, and it needs to be used in conjunction with our department’s name.

For instance, here are some examples:

1. This year our school auction will be in Farnsworth Pavilion, at the Rice University’s Ley Student Center. The university’s main address is 6100 Main St., Houston, TX 77005. Campus map is attached for building location.

2. Our wedding will be at the Rice University Memorial Center Chapel, located in the university’s Rice Memorial Center, off Rice Blvd., entrance #20. See attached map.

3. Organization’s name 25th anniversary party will be held in the Grand Hall, at the Rice University’s Memorial Center, located on 6100 Main St., Houston, TX 77005.

This is to ensure proper recognition of donors who have significantly contributed to the establishment of the Student Center.

Rice University’s name and official logos may not be used by private parties and/or corporate businesses in any type of advertising or endorsement.

For more information, contact the Office of the Vice President for Public Affairs at 713-348-6280 or e-mail
pubaffrs@rice.edu with any questions or special requests.

For Rice-Affiliated Customers
Student Organizations

Must be registered to reserve a room!  Go here to register your organization.

Registration of your organization with Student Activities is required every academic year. Failure to register will result in your organization's inability to reserve spaces at the Student Center. Early registration is possible in April of every academic year, and registration must be in process by the first week of classes in the fall semester (August). If the necessary paperwork has been filled out, and all you are missing is the Risk Management Training Session, your organization is still able to reserve a space until October 1st.  After this date, if your organization has not completed the Risk Management Training, it will be unable to reserve spaces in the Student Center for the rest of the academic year.

For instructions on how to reserve a room, see Event Management System (EMS) below.

Student Organizations are not charged for the use of any rooms at the Student Center, but they are charged for the use of linens ($7 ea.) for all events.  They are also charged for A/V equipment, and furniture, when taken out of the SC building.

If you still have questions, feel free to stop by the Student Center Administration offices located in the Rice Memorial Center (Student Center), top floor, above the Grand Hall, or email us at  scevents@rice.edu 

Study Groups

Bring your study group to the Student Center! From 10 pm to close any student is able to reserve study time in the Student Center, based on availability.  Just create an individual account and choose "Study Time Group" in place of club name.  Once your account is approved, you can log into the system and reserve space!  Bring your friends and you'll have a quiet place to study…you can even grab a coffee while you're studying!


You must be a full-time staff, or faculty member to be able to make a reservation on behalf of your department.  Departments are only charged for the use of the following rooms: Farnsworth ($200), Grand Hall ($250), and Sammy's ($150).  They are also charged for the use of linens ($7 ea.), A/V equipment (ie. $50 for projector), and any other furniture (i.e. $25 for podium), other than tables and chairs (free), when inside the Student Center building.

A program qualifies as a departmental event when the space is reserved by a department at Rice, the department is actively involved in the planning of the event, the majority of the attendees are employees/ students of Rice University, and the program is charged to a Rice account.

Departments pay for all items (including tables and chairs) when taken out of the Student Center building.

For instructions on how to reserve a room, see Event Management System (EMS) below.  You can view space availability and request an account via our service here.

Departments must also do the following:

1. Give notice of cancellation at least 30 days in advance not to be charged for reserving any of the above rooms.  

2. Pay the regular room reservation rate when booking these venues as a rain site, whether they are used or not.

Event Management System (EMS)

Event Management System (EMS) is the tool used to schedule space for events by several departments on campus: Jones Graduate School of Business (JGSB), Recreation Center, Duncan Hall and the Student Center.   This is the reservations homepage, and can be used to view space availability in all these places before making a request.  But, YOU CAN ONLY REQUEST ROOMS AT THE STUDENT CENTER HERE.  If you have trouble navigating this page, look at instructions under EMS HELP.

Be sure to use your Rice email address (any other email account types are automatically denied).  Your request to be a user will be pending until it is reviewed by the Business & Events Coordinator.  You will NOT receive an email confirmation that your account has been approved.  Accounts are approved within 2-3 business days.  If you can not log in after 3 business days, once you have submitted your request, email scevents@rice.edu to inquire about your account.  This is NOT an immediate approval process.  You will receive an email confirming, or denying, your request for space.  If you don't, please email scevents@rice.edu.


  • If your request is within 48 hours of your event, you will not be able to request a room at the Student Center online.  Please stop by the student center administration offices, or contact reservations at 713-348-3778.
  • It is important to understand you are submitting a request to use the space, not reserving the space.  Be aware that you cannot see if there are other requests pending on the queue, as these are not in public view.  A space may appear open, and the system will let you make a request.  However, another request for the same space may be already pending and your request could be denied.  If so, you will receive an email to let you know your request is canceled.  If your request is approved, you will receive a confirmation with a reservation number (ID).  Refer to this number ID when you need to make changes to the reservation.  The approval process can take up to 2-3 business days.  After your request has been approved, you can log in back into system and make changes, or cancel the reservation at any time.
  • Additional approvals might be necessary prior to confirming a space.  Do not publish or print the location until you have received the confirmation from the Business and Event Coordinator (scevents@rice.edu).
  • The following dates are not available, or may be available with limited hours, due to university events, and/or holidays:
Fall 2016

August 15-20: O-Week (Orientation Week)

September 3 – September 5: Labor Day Holiday

November 24 – November 27: Thanksgiving  Holiday

December 24 – January 2: Winter Recess

Spring 2017

January 16: Martin Luther King Day

March 11 – March 19: Spring Break

May 12-13: Commencement Ceremony

May 23 – May 29: Memorial Day Holiday

July 3 – July 3-4: Independence Day Holiday