Numbers in parenthesis indicate maximum number of people. These numbers are good for determining which room is a good fit for the size of your event. The number may change depending on the type of event, e.g. less people will fit if it is a dining event as opposed to a lecture.

Venues (capacity)

Conference Rooms         

  • Holland Private Dining Room (12)
  • Meyer Conference Room (20)
  • Second Floor Conference Room (28)


  • Miner Lounge (35)

Multi-function Spaces         

  • Farnsworth Pavilion (80 dining/100 lecture)
  • Grand Hall (250 dining/325 lecture)
  • Sammy’s (100 dining/200 lecture)
  • Grand Hall & Sammy’s (350 dining/525 lecture)
  • Chapel (126 in pews/226 w/added chairs)

Outdoor Spaces

  • Brown Garden (100)
  • Ray Courtyard (300)


  • Grand Hall Lobby (4 vendor tables)
  • Willy’s Pub (299 – email to inquire/reserve)

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