Q: How many people does the chapel sit?
Approximately 125, but we can add 50 additional chairs on each side for an extra 100 seats.

Q: Until when can we request extra seating?
Until 2-3 days before the wedding

Q: What options do I have if it rains on the day of the wedding and my ceremony is being held outside?
If your ceremony will be held outside, please, book another room in the student center (Grand Hall, Farnsworth Pavilion, etc.) at the same time as your initial booking so that there will be a location available to you if it does rain.

Q: Do you provide a pastor
No, we don’t have a pastor on staff.

Q: What kind of decorations do you allow? 
Flowers and ribbons, nothing can be tacked or taped anywhere in the chapel. Candles are also allowed, but only if they are self-contained and dripless.

Q: Can we have petal flowers on the floor?
Yes, but they must be all picked up after the wedding is over

Q: What about music?
You can hire the organist for $200,  ask someone to play the piano,  play a favorite CD, or  use an iPod on our sound system.

Q: Does it have a bride’s room?
Yes, and it has a full length mirror.

Q: Does it have a groom’s room?
Yes, it is right next to the altar.

Q: Can we add more hours to the reservation?
Yes, if available, you can add as many as you want at an additional cost.

Q: Can we take pictures/video? 
Pictures and video are allowed only inside and outside the chapel, and in the Ray Courtyard.  If you want to have pictures elsewhere on campus, please go to the following site for information.


Payment Information?

Where should I send my payments?

Student Center – MS530
Rice University
P.O. box 1892
Houston, TX 77251-1892
Attn: Reservations

Note: We ONLY accept cash or checks.  No credit cards.

Q: To what address should I send my guests?

Rice University
6100 Main Street
Houston, TX 77005