To check for space availability, go to:   To reserve a space, log in to your account, or you will not be able to see the “Reservations” tab.   Under the “Reservations” tab, select “Campus Event Advertising.”  If reserving more than one advertising space, you must reserve each individual space separately. If you do not have  an account, you can create/request one, ONLY if you are a member of a registered student organization, or are a staff member of a department.

Below are the spaces that an organization/department can request to advertise an event.  Please note that raffles are not allowed on campus.  Due to the highly regulated and complex statutes governing raffles in Texas, Rice University does not permit student organizations to conduct raffles.

Fondren Library Banner
Chalking at the Grand Hall Side of RMC
Grand Hall Lobby Glass Door Painting
Grand Hall Lobby Easel
Fondren Library Informational Table(s)
Grand Hall Lobby Informational Table(s)
General Advertising Policies

Reservations and Time Limits

Space is granted on a weekly basis. with a maximum of up to two consecutive weeks.  Reservations are confirmed to start on Monday and end on Sunday, except banners go from Monday afternoon until next Monday morning. Please make your request starting the Monday of the week of your reservation.  The Fondren Table can be reserved on a daily basis.  In most cases, clean-up and/or removal is expected to occur on the weekend following the reservation.

Fondren Library Banners

RESERVATION MUST BE FOR ONE WEEK AT A TIME!  Please reserve the entire week (Monday through Monday), or your reservation will not be approved. 

Reservation & Approval


Students can pick up equipment the Monday of the reservation, from 8:00-4:00 in the Student Center Administration office. Equipment must be dropped off at the same location the Monday following your reservation, or a $50 late fee will be charged.

Banners that contain vulgar or profane language or promote practices that violate university guidelines will be removed, as will those that contain hurtful messages directed towards individuals. Students or groups who write such messages may be in violation of the Code of Student Conduct. Banners containing these messages may not be approved and may be denied at the point of hanging or required to be removed after hanging is completed. Text of the event must be included in the request in order for reservations to be confirmed. Please note: for banners advertising events with alcohol, that event must be approved by Student Judicial Programs and banner wording must include information regarding food and sodas. Reservations are limited to one week per event and must be hung within the time reserved.

Supplies You Must Provide

  • TWIN BED SHEET (larger sheets will not fit due to the placement of the hooks on the library roof).
  • DUCT TAPE to secure the ends of the sheet to the poles.
  • PAINT that is waterproof (latex house paint or spray paint will work).

Supplies Provided For You

(Pick up at the Student Center Administrrative Offices – Upstairs, top floor above the Grand Hall – Office 202E) 

  • PVC PIPES (2 inches longer than the banner on each side).
  • ROPES to secure the banner at the top and bottom.

Construction & Design

  • USE WATERPROOF PAINT ONLY! Tempera paint will not work. You are responsible for the cost to clean up if your paint runs.
  • VERTICAL ORIENTATION is the only way to paint your banner.
  • ALLOW SUFFICIENT SPACE at the top and bottom of the sheet to make a sleeve to slip the piping through.
  • INCLUDE THE ORGANIZATION NAME clearly on the banner. Banners will not be allowed if the org. name is not easlily seen.

Hanging & Implementation

  • OBTAIN THE PVC PIPES AND ROPES by checking them out at the info desk of the Student Center. Only confirmed reservations will be able to obtain poles.
  • SECURE THE SLEEVE FOR THE PIPE either by thoroughly stapling or sewing. Thread the pipes through the sleeves and secure the sheet at each end with masking or electrical tape.Thread the ropes through the PVC pipe.
  • TAKE THE BANNER to the 3rd floor of the library (Karen Hyde, Library Administration, room 313 Fondren). Show them your confirmed reservation. With an additional person, you will be allowed on the roof.
  • HANGING & REMOVAL Banners may be hung Monday – Friday during office hours, but before 4:30 p.m. They may not be hung during inclement weather. They must be taken down no later than 4:30 p.m. of the Monday after the reservation. Failure to remove a banner will result in a $15 fine and the organization may lose the privilege to advertise in this manner for up to one full academic year if removal is a re-occurring problem.
  • RETURN YOUR PVC PIPES AND ROPES as your organization will be responsible for the pipes/ropes that you reserved/used. Failure to return your pipes/ropes will lead to a fine and possible loss of reservation privileges. PVC pipes and ropes are to be returned to the information desk at the Student Center.



General Provisions

Recognized student groups/offices may use chalk in designated areas of the Student Center and under specific conditions as a means of expressing their views and exchanging information. Only non-toxic, water-soluble chalk may be used. Chalking is permitted only at the north entrance by the glass doors of the RMC (however, not underneath the overhang). Chalking is only permitted on the ground and may not be extended to walls, columns, benches, tables, or part of any facility or structure. Chalk not in the reserved area will be removed at the expense of the group. Chalking that contains vulgar or profane language or promotes practices that violate university guidelines will be removed, as will those that contain hurtful messages directed towards individuals. Students or groups who write such messages may be in violation of the Code of Student Conduct.

Duration & Clean-up

There is a one-week duration limit, which includes one day to clean up the chalking. If the group does not clean up the chalking, future approval may be denied and a clean up fee will be assessed.

Groups must remove chalk before NOON on the Sunday (last day) of their reservation. Groups can chalk as early as Sunday assuming the previous group has removed their chalk by the deadline.

Failure to remove the chalk in a timely manner will result in the following fee: 1st offense – $40 fee, 2nd offense – $80 fee, 3rd offense – $100 fee and you cannot reserve space again for the academic year.

Chalking reservations are from Monday morning thru Sunday at Noon.

Glass Doors Painting


The glass doors leading to the Grand Hall Lobby may be reserved to publicize major functions by painting information/small artwork on the doors. Student organizations and departments can reserve the space for a one week period, from Monday thru Sunday.

Groups may paint the doors as early as Sunday assuming the previous group has removed their paint by the deadline. Groups must clean the paint on Sunday (last day) of the reservation before NOON .

ONLY acrylic paint may be used and paint should be on the exterior side of the windows. At least 50% of the glass must remain unobstructed and free of paint. Your organization is responsible for all paint removal. At time of removal, you should use a straight edge to peel away the paint and a Windex solution to loosen it up.

If you fail to clean the glass doors, you will be charged $25 and may lose the privilege of painting the doors for up to one academic year.


Grand Hall Lobby Easel

There is a reservable easel located in the Grand Hall Lobby that may be used to publicize major functions. Student organizations and departments can reserve this space through the Student Center web site for a one week period. Groups must provide a mounted poster to put on the easel. The information desk will provide an easel if there is not an existing easel in the lobby. Groups may place their mounted poster as early as the Monday of their reservation and can remove it the following weekend. You may not cover a confirmed poster without a reservation. To keep your mounted poster your group must personally remove it. Any posters left on Monday will be recycled or disposed of and is not the responsibility of the Student Center. If the previous group’s mounted poster is still in place on Monday you must return it to the information desk for disposal as your poster is placed on the easel.

Fondren Library Table

There is a library space outside of Fondren that can be reserved by groups to advertise events or organizations. The table location is on the east side of the library facing the academic quad and the Willy’s statue. This is a daily reservation and the table and chair(s) must be obtained at the Student Center and carried by members to the library and back on the same day. Only confirmed reservations can pick up the table and chair(s) from the information desk. You may not carry the table through the library it must be walked around to the academic quad side of the library. Tables must be returned to the information desk or your organization will be fined $50 and may lose the privilege of using this space for up to one academic year.

Grand Hall Table

There are table spaces outside of the Grand Hall that can be reserved by groups to advertise events or organizations and/or sell goods/services. The table locations are granted through the reserve a room section of Sales at the table must adhere to the policies regarding food sales. Information can also be distributed via these tables. You can reserve a table for a single date. This table and chairs will be set-up for your organization and will not require your group to transport the table on your own.

General Advertising Policies

For campus policies regarding advertising please see the Student Handbook located on the Dean of Undergraduates website.