Thank you for your interest and willingness to go above and beyond your university responsibilities and serve as a sponsor for a club. We sincerely appreciate your willingness to support Student Activities and the variety of student organizations by taking on this added responsibility.  It is the goal of Student Activities to provide you with support and resources to make this a positive experience for both you and your student organization.  If at any time we can provide you with additional information or support please notify the Student Activities office via

Below you will find sponsor information related to the following areas.

Expectations of Club Sponsors

The following is a list of expectations of sponsors for student organizations, please note that this is not necessarily an inclusive list as every club has a unique structure and needs.   A sponsor’s actual commitment level will vary depending on his or her style of leadership and the needs of the organization. If you are interested in having a discussion with your students about what your responsibilities will be and to clarify expectations between both groups, please feel free to follow this link to a helpful worksheet that can assist in this process.  This worksheet is helpful in facilitating a discussion between the sponsor and the leaders of the group about the role the sponsor will take. The sponsor should be very clear about the things he or she will do, the things he or she will NOT do, and his or her expectations from the group as well.

  • Attend Risk Management at least once to meet the Texas Law requirement
  • Keep abreast of club activities.
  • Be familiar with the club’s constitution and bylaws.
  • Meet with the club’s officers regularly. At the beginning of the year, discuss what your particular role, responsibilities, and       level of involvement will be.
  • Read meeting minutes.
  • Support students in logistics planning related to local/domestic and international travel, registering travel (see forms page), and risk management
  • Attend major club activities and events.
  • Help the club maintain consistency with University policies. (The Student Handbook and Clubs Manual are helpful resources.)
  • Be familiar with university facilities, services, and procedures that affect the club.
  • Provide continuity. Offer the club a sense of history and direction.
  • Help facilitate the transition of the club from year to year. Ensure that the club conducts officer elections, participates in the Activities Fair, and re-registers each year.
  • Keep official files and copies of official correspondence in your office.
  • Serve as a resource.
  • Have an awareness of the clubs budget, fundraising efforts, and spending.
  • Initiate ideas for discussion that could possibly help the club, and speak up when the club is likely to make a poor decision.
  • Represent the group in conflicts with members of the university staff.

Optional Expectations of a Sponsor (if requested by the club)

  • Keep club paraphernalia, records, etc., over the summer and during officer transition.
  • Mediate interpersonal conflicts that arise.
Sponsor Expectations of the Club

As a sponsor, you will also have expectations of the club’s members and officers. They may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Attendance at programs and meetings.
  • Advanced notification of program or meeting cancellations.
  • Written goals and objectives for each semester.
  • Written calendar events for each semester.
  • Accurate record-keeping.
  • Awareness of university policies.
  • Sensitivity to the academic nature of university life and support of the university’s
  • mission.
  • Willingness to provide feedback to one another.
  • Communication of expectations.

*Adapted from A Handbook for Student Group Advisors, John H. Schuh, ed.

These expectations should be discussed and processed at the beginning of the year. It is also important to re-assess and update them as needed throughout the year.

Benefits of Being a Sponsor

Student Activities sincerely hopes that you will find being a sponsor a rewarding experience that allows you to interact with students that you may not normally come into contact with about topics for which you have a passion.  Some of the benefits that we have identified for being a sponsor are:

  • A unique opportunity to get to know and work with students outside the classroom or office.
  • The reward of watching a group of students grow and develop their individual skills and talents.
  • A feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment through making a special contribution to a group of students,
  • The opportunity to informally share your knowledge on relevant topics.
  • Opportunity to help guide students into their development as civically engaged adults.
Leaving the Sponsor Role

When leaving the sponsor role, we ask that you do the following;

  • Inform the Club President of your intentions and explain his/her options.
  • Assist the President in identifying possible new sponsors.
  • If leaving during the academic year, inform the Office of Student Activities (
  • If possible, meet with the new sponsor to pass any valuable information about the club. You are the best person to train a new sponsor and orient him/her to the organization.
  • Notify the Student Activiteis Office of you departure from the role at
  • Be sure that your information is removed from the clubs listing.
Resources that Sponsors Should Share with Students

Some resources that you should be aware of as a sponsor so that you can share these opportunities with your students:

  • Clubs Office (RMC Cloisters)
    • Students can get access to networked computers to be able to check their BANNER accounts
    • Access to a copy machine that will print in color, black and white and scan (come by the Student Activities Office to get an account code for your group), copies are charged to the club's C-Fund at the end of the semester
  • Leadership Development Opportunities
  • Club Resources online
  • Student Activities Staff that are willing to help work through issues and problems, email to set up an appointment