Student Center Glass Doors Painting

The glass doors to the Grand Hall Lobby may be reserved for painting information and/or small artwork to advertise major functions.

  • The Glass Doors request must be for one week, from the starting Monday PM through the next week’s Sunday AM.
  • The doors should be painted on Monday and cleaned up by Sunday at noon.
  • Only acrylic paint may be used and the painting must be on the exterior side of the windows.
  • At least 50% of the glass must remain unobstructed and free of paint.
  • Your club is responsible for all paint removal. To remove the paint, you must use a Windex solution to loosen the paint and a straight edge to peel it away. Failure to completely remove the paint from the doors by the designated date will incur a $25 fine for the first offense. The fine doubles with each subsequent violation ($50 - 2nd offense, $100 - 3rd offense).


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