Reimbursements for Purchases Under $100

To request a reimbursement for a receipt or a number of receipts that are each under $100, you will need to:

Once the Petty Cash Voucher form is approved by Student Activities, you can take the form and receipt(s) to the Cashier’s Office where you will receive a cash reimbursement.  

DID YOU KNOW? You cannot be reimbursed for Texas Sales Tax. This means that you must subtract the tax from the total amount requested on the Petty Cash Voucher. 

Reimbursements for Purchases Over $100

For receipts that total over $100, you will be reimbursed by check or direct deposit through a new process. You will use this process to reimburse club members for gas that totals over $100. To start this process you will need to register yourself as a vendor with the university (if you haven’t already done so) by completing the Current Rice Employee/Student form. If being reimbursed for mileage (gas) purchased using personal funds and totals over $100, you will need to submit a printout of the travel route that shows the total number of miles covered (Ex. Google Maps printout). 

TIP: Complete this step as soon as you anticipate getting reimbursed as it can take a few weeks to be processed.

Once you are ready to request the reimbursement, fill out the Reimbursement Request form.   

DID YOU KNOW? You cannot be reimbursed for someone’s salary, so do not pay for someone’s services out-of-pocket (See Check Requests).

Gas and Mileage Reimbursement

As per Rice policy, no individuals are able to pay for gas using a University or Student Activities P-Card.

Clubs can instead be reimbursed for mileage through the Mileage Reimbursement Process. 

When to Use the Mileage Reimbursement Process

  • To receive compensation for gas purchased by an individual (as you cannot use a Student Activities P-Card) when under $100
  • To reimburse mileage traveled by organization members when under $100
  • To reimburse mileage traveled by a university guest 

What You’ll Need

  • Complete a Mileage Voucher Form and a Petty Cash Voucher
  • Attach a printout of the travel route that shows the total number of miles covered
  • If you are traveling outside of Houston, you will attach a copy of your submitted Travel Registration Form

Check Requests

Check requests are for paying/reimbursing non-Rice affiliated persons. 

How to Request a Check

  1. Ask the person being paid/reimbursed to fill out the Rice University Payables Vendor form prior to completing the work or traveling to Rice or send a completed W-9 Form.
  2. Complete the Business Meeting and Entertainment (BME) Form and obtain an event advertisement that lists the date, time and location of the external event. 
  3. Complete the Check Request form on OwlNest. You will be prompted in the form to attach your completed BME form and documentation for why you are issuing that check. This can be an executed contract (approved and signed by Student Activities), an email, invoice, etc. 
  4. You will receive a check in approximately 4 weeks or the funds will be directly deposited into your bank account.

What You’ll Need


Professional Services
(Non-Rice Individuals/Vendors)

Completion of the Rice University Payables Vendor form OR a W-9 Form

Rice University Students

Set hourly wage and total number of hours with hired student. Hired student will need to submit an I-9 Form to University Payroll before providing service if they have not done so already.

Rice University Faculty or Staff

Contact Student Activities at

DID YOU KNOW? If you hire a Rice student and they do not submit an I-9 to University Payroll before services are provided, your organization could be charged a federal fine of $1,100. This has happened before, so be proactive!

NOTE: Only use a check request when you do NOT have an invoice from the vendor.  Invoices for payment can be brought to the Student Activities Office for processing.

Internal Departmental Transfer (IDTs)

The easiest method to transfer funds from one university fund (C-Fund or D-Fund) to another University fund is through an IDT (Internal Departmental Transfer). 

When an IDT is Executed

  • Transferring funds from one club’s C-Fund to a different club’s C-Fund (for example, if you have collaborated on an event and have agreed to share costs)
  • Transferring funds from a university college or department to a club’s C-Fund
  • Making payments on behalf of a club to Rice Bikes, Rice Coffeehouse or The Hoot

What You’ll Need to Submit an IDT

  1. Fill out the IDT Request form on OwlNest
    • Know the C-Fund Number for both the receiving organization and the organization transferring the funds, as well as the name of the approver (for example, all Student Activities club C-Fund accounts should list Kristen Ernst as the approver)
  2. The email or letter documenting the agreement and purpose of transfer


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