Student Activities P-Cards

One of the many benefits of being a recognized student organization through Student Activities and having a C-Fund account is that your organization is able to use a Student Activities Purchasing Card (P-Card) to make purchases on behalf of your organization. 

In order to check out a P-Card through Student Activities, a student must:

  • Be a student leader of a student organization that has successfully completed Club Registration through OwlNest
  • Have a C-Fund account for their organization. 
  • Have completed and passed the online Club Finance Training.
  • Reserve a time window to come to the Student Activities Office to checkout or return a P-Card.

Although the P-Card is a credit card, student organizations must have funds in their C-Fund to use the Student Activities P-Card. 

COVID -19 Changes: Purchase Order Form

Beginning July 2020, in response to COVID-19, student organizations may use a Student Activities P-Card by submitting a Student Activities Purchase Order Form through OwlNest instead of checking out a P-Card from the Student Activities Office. A Student Activities team member will purchase the item(s) requested on behalf of the club. After our office makes the purchase, a receipt will be attached to your OwlNest submission and approved once the order is placed. Double-check to make sure your OwlNest notifications are turned on, so you are notified when this happens. 

Once the Purchase Order Form is approved with the attached receipt, the student will need to submit a Purchase Report within seven (7) days. 

NOTE: Amazon orders do not need a receipt or Purchase Report submission after the purchase order is approved.

COVID -19 Changes: Physical P-Cards

If you need a physical P-Card and must make a purchase in person (Ex. To ensure sales tax is removed from an order), you will be able to check out a P-Card in the Student Activities Office between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m Monday through Friday. The new process is to:

  1. Complete the Club Finance Training if you have not already done so.
  2. Reserve a time window to come to the Student Activities Office to checkout or return a P-Card.
    • Appointments can be between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. - Monday through Friday. 
    • An appointment is required both when you want to check out and return a P-Card.
    • You may reschedule or cancel your appointment if needed. 
    • If you miss your appointment window, please make a new appointment. 
  3. When you arrive at the office within your appointment window, please come by yourself and stay 6 to 8 feet from the front desk. 
  4. Tell the Student Assistant at the front desk what funding you will be using (i.e., Your C-Fund, SAPP funding, etc.)
  5. The Student Assistant at the front desk will help you with any questions. 
  6. Your Purchase Report will be due seven (7) days from the day you return the P-Card.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with the processes outlined here. If we can clarify anything for you or provide additional support, please reach out to us at

Using the Student Activities P-Card

There are some very important guidelines to follow when using the Student Activities P-Card. These guidelines will help you be successful in following your organization’s budget and will make your life easier by complying with them from the start!

P-Card Guidelines

  • Person checking out the P-Card must be the same person who uses and returns the P-Card to Student Activities. They must have an appointment for checking out and returning the P-Card.
  • P-Cards must be returned after two (2) business days from the date it is checked out on. 
  • If you need the P-Card for longer than two (2) business days, you must come into the Student Activities Office to submit an extension for the P-Card by the date the P-Card is originally due. 
  • Receipt Requirements
    • Receipt must be itemized.
      • What is an itemized receipt? An itemized receipt is a receipt that shows all of the items that were purchased, their quantity and cost.
        • Example of an itemized receipt:
          carrabas poster
    • Must not include any Sales Tax in the total or on the receipt..
      • Sales Tax is permitted when purchasing alcohol as long as the alcohol is purchased separately. However, your event with alcohol must be approved by Student Activities prior to making a purchase.
        • TIP: Tell the vendor your purchase is tax exempt because you are with Rice University (a tax exempt institution) before you hand them the P-Card! You should also always carry a copy of Rice’s Tax Exemption Certificate with you whenever making a purchase. 
    • Invoices will only be accepted as a receipt or proof of purchase if they include an Invoice Number and the last 4 digits of the P-Card used to make the purchase.
      • TIP: Ask the vendor to stamp “Paid” on the invoice. 
  • You must submit a Purchase Report within seven (7) days of returning the P-Card to Student Activities. Purchase reports can be found on OwlNest

NOTE: It is important to understand that printed or emailed order confirmations or summaries (Ex. Email confirmation from Domino’s Pizza or Amazon) will not be accepted as receipts, as they do not show that payment has been made. In instances where a receipt is damaged, lost, not itemized or does not meet the receipt requirements, you will be asked to complete a Missing Receipt Form, which is also available on OwlNest. 

Finally, do not save the P-Card information at any point or take a picture of the P-Card! 

P-Card Restrictions 

P-Cards are not allowed to be used for purchasing: 

  • Gas (See Travel for more information about paying for gas)
  • Gift cards (See Fines for more information)
  • AirBnB

P-Cards are not allowed to be used at the following locations: 

  • Rice Bikes 
  • Rice Coffeehouse 
  • The Hoot

More information on how to make payments to Rice Bikes, Rice Coffeehouse and The Hoot will be covered later. 

Purchase Limits

You will not be able to make purchases with the P-Card that exceed $2,999. For purchases of $3,000 or more you will need to submit a Check Request. Many times with larger monetary purchases, a contract is involved.

NOTE: If there is a contract involved with your purchase, you must submit the contract to Student Activities at for review and signature (students are not able to sign contracts) before providing payment. Please provide at least three (3) weeks lead time for your contract to be reviewed and approved.

NOTE: Student Activities has a Sam’s Club, Walmart and Office Depot/Office Max Card available for your use! Ask about these perks the next time you come in to check-out a P-Card.

Amazon Purchases

Starting Friday, January 31st, the Student Activities Office will no longer have our Amazon Prime account for clubs because the University no longer allows P-Cards to pay for Prime memberships. However, on Monday, February 3rd, we will be debuting a new Amazon ordering system—Rice’s Amazon Marketplace! 

IMPORTANT: To use Amazon Marketplace, a Club Finance Trained officer from your club must come to our office (Rice Memorial Center, Room 202) to place an order. For the security of your C-Fund, we ask that officers place these orders. This system cannot be used outside our office. By using Amazon Marketplace, your club will NOT have to submit a purchase report for any purchases made on the platform. Please make sure your club has a positive C-Fund before coming to place any orders.

The following are the Amazon Marketplace Office Hours, during which a club officer can place an order:

Mondays, 2PM - 4PM
Tuesdays, 2PM - 4 PM
Wednesdays, 1PM - 4 PM
Thursdays, 2PM - 4PM
Fridays, 12PM - 4PM

If you come to the office to make a Rice Amazon Marketplace order, you will sit with a student assistant who will place your order. Through Rice Amazon Marketplace, there is free 3-5 day shipping. However, there is no Prime shipping (1-2 days). Please make sure to account for shipping time when making your orders!

You can also always have your packages sent to the Student Activities Office, and we will let you know when it has arrived.



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