The purpose of these regulations is to ensure that the property and facilities of the Student Center are used for the educational, cultural, and social benefit of the community. All uses inconsistent with these purposes are prohibited.

Prohibited Items and Activities
  • Smoking within the Student Center
  • Illegal drugs or other illicit substances
  • Firearms of any kind
  • Gambling in any form
  • Use of roller-skates, roller blades, bicycles, and skateboards
  • Animals not accompanying physically challenged persons or law enforcement officers
  • Removal of equipment or property of the Student Center
  • Unauthorized postings or distribution of literature
Regulated Items and Activities
  • Alcohol may not be circulated or brought in or out of the Student Center for any reason. Patrons may drink alcohol only in Willy's Pub or in a reserved venue with a licensed bartender.
  • Smoking is not allowed in any area of the building.
  • Flyers must be stamped by the Information Desk to be posted.
Venue Reservations
The Student Center coordinates the reservation process for the Ley Student Center, Rice Memorial Center, the Chapel, and the surrounding lawn areas of the Center.
Event Policies
  • Events requiring amplified sound must not disturb other events within the Student Center.
  • If an event requires security, the group reserving the venue must submit the proper paperwork to the Campus Police who will confirm and provide appropriate personnel.
  • Any event which violates any Student Center, Rice University, municipal, state, or federal law may be shut down at the discretion of the Building Manager in accordance with the Rice Campus Police.
Library Banners Advertising

The library banner must be reserved online at under Campus Advertising.  The banner request must be for a week, from the starting Monday PM through the following Monday AM.

You need to pick up ropes and poles from the Student Center Office (second floor, above the Grand Hall) on the starting Monday AM, and return them on the following Monday PM.  If ropes and poles are not returned on Monday, your organization will be charged $25, and $50 after Tuesday, plus the privilege of using the banner space again for the rest of the academic year.  If ropes or poles are lost, your organization will be charged an extra fee of $50 to replace them.

Painting on the Student Center Glass Doors

The glass doors to the Grand Hall Lobby may be reserved for painting information and/or small artwork to advertise major functions. Space is reserved online at The Glass Doors request must be for a week, from the starting Monday PM through that week’s Sunday AM. Only acrylic paint may be used and the painting must be on the exterior side of the windows. At least 50% of the glass must remain unobstructed and free of paint. Your club is responsible for all paint removal. To remove the paint, you must use a Windex solution to loosen the paint and a straight edge to peel it away. Failure to completely remove the paint from the doors by the designated date will incur a $25 fine for the first offense. The fine doubles with each subsequent violation ($50 – 2nd offense, $100 – 3rd offense).