Sidewalk Chalking

  • The sidewalk must be chalked on Monday and cleaned up the following Sunday by noon. Only non-toxic, water-soluble chalk may be used.
  • Chalking is permitted only at the north entrance by the glass doors of the RMC however, not underneath the overhang.
  • Chalking is only permitted on the ground and may not be extended to walls, columns, benches, tables, or part of any facility or structure.
  • Chalk not in the reserved area will be removed at the expense of the group.
  • Chalking that contains vulgar or profane language or promotes practices that violate university guidelines will be removed, as will those that contain hurtful messages directed towards individuals or groups. Students or groups who write such messages may be in violation of the Code of Student Conduct.

Clean Up and Fees

  • Groups must remove chalk before NOON on the Sunday (last day) of their reservation.
  • Groups can chalk as early as Sunday afternoon assuming the previous group has removed their chalk by the deadline.
  • Groups that fail┬áto remove the chalk in a timely manner will incur a $40 fee on their first offense, $80 fee on second offense, and $100 on third offense as well as loss of privilege to reserve space again during the academic year.


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