Club Travel

Before any club-related travel you must fill out the Travel Registration Form

When does the travel policy apply?

The travel policy applies if you are planning travel as part of a registered club and planning an organization event outside of Harris county. An organization event is defined as:

  1. An event where attendance is required
  2. University funds and/or resources are being utilized to support the event
  3. The event is directly associated with the club or Rice in event advertising (this includes, but is not limited to Facebook, fliers, calendar events, and emails)

If you club is engaging in a high risk activity within the Houston area where your group has identified that there is potential risk and you would like RUPD to be aware of your travel.

Why is the travel policy in effect?  

The goal of the travel policy is to maintain an open line of communication between clubs and the University so that the University is better prepared to support students should there be an issue while traveling.

The Office of Student Activities staff is also available to sit down with your group and discuss your event planning process related to your trip or connect you to qualified resources such as International Programs, the Community Involvement Center, and/or the Office of Risk Management ( If you are interested in following up on this resource, please email to set up an appointment. Please provide adequate lead time for event planning.

Travel Policy

Registered student clubs who are engaged in a club sponsored event that is outside the Houston (Harris County) area, are required to follow the travel policy as outlined in this statement.

Domestic Travel

  • Notification for domestic travel outside the Houston area (Harris County) should be made at least two weeks prior to the trip by submitting a Travel Registration Form. Students traveling on behalf of the registered student club should fill out the travel form with the appropriate information related to their trip. This information will be automatically shared with RUPD, Student Activities, and the Office of Risk Management (
  • The Travel Registration Form should be completed with event specific information for each trip. Participants should sign all appropriate waivers including the Club Travel Liability Release Form. You should take one copy with you on your trip and submit the other copy to your club sponsor at least one week prior to the event so that participants are aware of the risk of the trip and so that personal and medical related information is available if needed by the group. This information should be stored for two (2) years following the event.
  • Any updates should be resubmitted via the Travel Registration Form, please save information to make this easier.
  • If an incident occurs during travel and the group needs emergency assistance club leaders should call 911 immediately. Students should then notify RUPD at (713) 348-6000. Sponsors should be contacted to reference any medical information gathered on the waiver forms and to keep the University aware of the events. Following an incident the group should make arrangements to update the Office of Risk Management (

International Travel

Due to resources, staffing and risk management related concerns a heightened set of criteria has been placed on registered club related international travel. A Travel Registration Form must still be completed, and approval for International travel must be granted by the Risk Management Office. Please contact the Office of Risk Management (

Please click here for more information regarding how to register with International SOS, which is also required for international travel.



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