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What is it?

Owls After Dark is a late night programming series that focuses on providing engaging activities for graduate and undergraduate students to enjoy on a monthly basis throughout the year to enhance the overall Rice experience.

What will it offer?

Owls After Dark events will offer a variety of programs after 9:00pm such as outdoor movies, live entertainment and game nights accompanied with food and interactive activities that will increase campus connection and foster community.

Upcoming Events

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Fall 2020

Virtual Game Show: Cell Phone Smackdown
Friday, August 28th | https://eventgameshows.com/rice/ | Starts at 8:00pm CST

Compete against other students by answering trivia questions on your cell phone!
On the day of the event go to http://eventgameshows.com/rice/ with your tablet or computer to participate in the game.
When you log on, the host will give you a link to open on your phone to answer the trivia questions and you will be ready to play the game!
Cash prizes will be given out & sent to the winners as soon as the game is over!

Virtual Game Show: Playlist Bingo
Thursday, September 17th | https://eventgameshows.com/rice917/ | Starts at 8:00pm CST

This show is a twist on the classic version of Bingo, so instead of numbers and letters, you'll need to know the name of the song or who sings it.
You'll be tested on multiple genres of music across multiple rounds, so you'll have plenty of chances to win cash prizes!



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