Event Planning Resources

When your club is planning to sponsor a function of any kind, the most important thing to remember is to plan ahead! Regardless of what the event is and where it will be held, there are numerous steps which must be taken well in advance.

PERFECT Event Planning Form

Event Planner Checklist

DOU Resources for Remote Program and Event Delivery

A few things for you to consider:

  • All events should comply with the Student Handbook as well as with other Rice University policies and procedures.
  • Determine your goals for the event, and ensure they connect to your club’s overall mission and purpose.
  • What are your measures of success for the event?
  • Who is the target audience for the event?
  • Brainstorm with your club members to identify what elements you would like to be included in your event. Some examples include:
    • Entertainment/Speaker
    • Food
    • Performance
    • Alcohol
      • Approval to have alcohol must be received at least two weeks in advance, including club events at Willy's Pub where alcohol will be purchased. Please click here for more information.
  • Determine an appropriate date for your event.
  • Write out a timeline and to-do items for your event, and be proactive about risk management!
  • Make appropriate room/event location reservations, don’t forget a rain location if necessary. Please note that all outdoor events must be approved prior to marketing by filling out the outdoor space request form.
  • Create an appropriate budget for your event.
  • Identify and secure funding sources.
  • Manage logistics (ie, make reservations, order catering, arrange entertainment, confirm speakers, arrange payments, parking for visitors, etc.) for the event.
  • Publicize your event, utilizing multiple methods of advertising, with adequate time for people to make arrangements to attend.
  • Advance notice of any campus wide major events must be reported to the Office of Student Activities (sactclubs@rice.edu) at least two weeks in advance. Approved events may be submitted to the Rice Calendar of Events.


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