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OwlNest is Rice University’s online student engagement platform. OwlNest allows you to discover organizations and events, and track your outside of the classroom experiences and activities. With over 300 clubs across eleven different genres, find your community by exploring Rice’s clubs, departments, organizations and events. Get connected today by logging in with your NetID and password!

DISCOVER: Learn About and Join Clubs

Search the OwlNest database for different clubs and organizations by category or keyword. Learn more by contacting the organization’s leadership, connecting with social media, and track your club involvement.

ENGAGE: Manage Clubs

OwlNest provides a centralized place to renew your club and manage your organization’s members, create and advertise events, share organization documents, and run club elections.

CONNECT: Find Events

Get involved by attending the various events and programs offered by Rice’s student organizations and clubs, and departments. RSVP and add events to your Google calendar or iCal, and share the event with your friends on social media.

OwlNest Student Engagement Consultants (OSECS)

To learn more about OwlNest, reach out to our OwlNest Student Engagement Consultants (OSECS) at owlnest@rice.edu. They are a group of students who have been trained in all aspects of OwlNest and can readily answer any questions you have about the platform. OSECs help students find clubs or events that match their interests and engage on campus, and serve as a resource for clubs, colleges, and departments to enhance their OwlNest pages. They are also available to lead trainings to help you and your organization or department learn more about what OwlNest has to offer. Email them with any questions at owlnest@rice.edu!

OwlNest Trainings

Training Description Links
OwlNest 101 In this training, you will learn the basics of navigating and using OwlNest, Rice's student engagement platform! Explore how to maximize your Rice experience by utilizing OwlNest! Video | Slides
OwlNest Club Renewal In this training, you will learn how to renew a club on Owlnest and get ready for the new academic year! Video | Slides
OwlNest Roster Management Training Learn how to manage members of your organization via OwlNest! From creating new roles/positions to assigning access to your organization page, you are sure to gain a greater understanding on how to maximize roster usage after this training. Video | Slides
OwlNest Creating Events Training Want to make an impact on campus? In this training, you will learn how to create events using OwlNest through your organization page! Video | Slides
OwlNest Managing Existing Events Training In this training, you will learn how to send event invites, manage RSVPs, change event details, and explore different functions within your existing events! Video | Slides
OwlNest Event Check-in Training Tracking event attendance and connecting with event attendees is easy using OwlNest. Watch this training to learn how to use the Event Check-In app alongside OwlNest to monitor attendence at your events! Video | Slides
OwlNest Events Guide (COVID-19 Edition) This training gives a comprehensive overview of creating and managing events in OwlNest during the current pandemic. Video | Slides
OwlNest CORQ Training Did you know OwlNest is mobile? Using the CORQ app, you will have all the features of OwlNest at your fingertips! In this training, you will learn how to explore organizations, view events and get the most out of CORQ. Video | Slides
OwlNest Elections Training Learn how to run club and organization elections using OwlNest! This training will teach how to hold elections within your organization page, as well as view and manage the election results. Video | Slides
OwlNest Messaging Looking for a way to easily contact members of your club? OwlNest has a messaging tool to help you communicate with your organization efficiently! Learn how to relay all your club news using the message function of OwlNest in this training. Video | Slides
OwlNest Creating News Articles Watch this online training for information on how to create articles in OwlNest to market your organization, publicize events, share club highlights, and more! Video | Slides
OwlNest Uploading Documents Training Learn how to upload club documents using Owlnest. Documents allow you to create a shared space for information regarding your organization. Watch this training to learn more about maximizing this feature! Video | Slides
OwlNest Forms Overview Training Wondered how to get member feedback in one simple place? Or looking for a way for members to submit forms? OwlNest's Forms tool allows you to create and send forms to members for things like registration, surveys, and more! Checkout this video to see how OwlNest forms can help you!! Video | Slides
OwlNest Creating Forms Want to learn how to create engaging forms for your organization's page in OwlNest? Watch this training for information on how to create and use your own personalized forms in OwlNest! Video | Slides
OwlNest Club Orientation Club Orientation - OwlNest Training Video | Slides




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