Undergrad Alcohol Event Registration

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Event Registration Process

  1. Intent to Plan FormIdeally will be filled out as soon as you begin your planning process so that resources and calendars can be considered early, this form should take less than five minutes, and is meant to initiate the planning process. Please submit this form as soon as possible! You do not need to have all of the components of the event finalized to complete this form!
  2. Event Planning Meeting: This is a kick off meeting to assist in the planning process, where we would discuss goals, identify risk and mitigation strategies, get feedback from RUPD and REMS, and ideally start a written plan. The length and format of this meeting will vary depending on the training that the host has received and the scope of the event. Members of your club/college involved in the planning and execution of the event are welcome to attend, as is your Magister/club sponsor.  Note, for recurring events, a face-to-face meeting may not be required for every event.
  3. Event Review: The event plan will be submitted and reviewed through OwlNest. To submit your event for review, please complete the Undergraduate Event with Alcohol form. Please complete this form at least TWO WEEKS in advance for proper review.
  4. Event: Upon approval, the event should be held in accordance with the plan, Rice University Policies, state and federal law, and Rice's culture of care. Event hosts and other volunteers are encouraged to note things that could be improved or changed for the following year.
  5. Post-Event Recap: Following an approved event, hosts should complete a Post-Event Form and will review the event with Student Activities.

While we anticipate that this will be a much more hands on process initially, we hope moving forward to build a relationship with your club that will enable us to streamline the planning process in a manner that contributes both to the functioning of the event and its overall risk management.  We hope that this will be a collaborative effort, and are looking forward to opening communication for sharing what is and isn't working with the new process.

Email eventrm@rice.edu if any of you have questions.


Alcohol Policy

H&D Public Party Guide

The Hoot Catering

Who To Contact?

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Requesting an Officer for events

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Environmental Health Safety
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Caregiver/Server/Host Training Questions
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