Reserving Rooms on Campus

Registered clubs have the privilege of reserving rooms on campus for meetings and events sponsored by their organization. Reservable spaces include the Rice Student Center, available classroom space, outdoor event space, and other campus venues listed here.

Reserving Rice Student Center Rooms

Registered clubs wishing to reserve space in the Student Center should go to the online Student Center Room Reservation Form. All registered clubs are required to have a user ID and password to reserve space in the Student Center. Groups that have not previously requested space should go directly to the reservation form above to apply for a password.

NOTE: All Rice University facilities and scheduling of events therein are governed by the Policies for Using University Facilities and Scheduling Campus Events (see the Student Handbook online).

NOTE: If alcohol will be served at the event, it must be indicated on the reservation form, and the Alcohol Policy procedures must be followed. Refer to the section on Events with Alcohol. Please also visit the How to Register an Event with Alcohol page on our website.

Reserving Classrooms on Campus

Reservations for rooms on campus should be made through the Classroom Room Request Form. Room reservation forms should be completed at least one week in advance, as reservations are dealt with on a first come, first served basis, after all class schedules have been arranged. You can check if a classroom is available Office of the Registrar Building and Classrooms website. The reservation will be confirmed through the requesting student's email address.

NOTEMeals are not to be served or consumed in Rice classrooms. Short of deliberate vandalism, nothing destroys classroom quality faster than the crumbs and stains left behind by people consuming food and beverages, even if they are careful and do not intend to leave messes. If food is an integral component of your event, then we suggest that you pursue the use of food-appropriate spaces, such as rooms at the RMC/Ley Student Center or private dining rooms in the residential colleges.

Reserving Outdoor Spaces on Campus

Registered clubs interested in hosting an event in an outdoor space on campus must fill out the Student Activities Outdoor Event Form. Depending on the location of your event, the Office of Student Activities will give additional instructions regarding approval.

Outdoor requests must be initiated at least two weeks in advance of the planned date to allow sufficient time to obtain all approvals. Noise level of the event and class schedules will be taken into consideration before approval (i.e. no loud musical events or activities will be approved during class times). Outdoor musical events or loud activities should be planned for the lunch hour or begin after 4:00pm. The Central Quad is most frequently used by clubs for outdoor events. Generally the academic quad is only reserved for events of a somber nature - for example, candlelight vigils, Martin Luther King, Jr. remembrances, etc.

Club Sports or other clubs wishing to reserve intramural fields for games or practice should call x8810 or email

Reserving Other Event Space on Campus




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