Club C-Funds and BANNER

If you have questions about procedures, the following offices should be able to assist you:

  • Payment Solutions X6700 
  • Controller's Office X2478 
  • Student Activities Office, Student Center Admin Offices, top floor, above the Grand Hall, RMC, x4097,


Any funds handled by registered clubs at Rice University should be managed through a C-Fund. By having a C-Fund through Rice, registered student organizations are able to be tax exempt. C-Funds should be utilized to manage club funds, make payments, deposits and reimbursements. This is a privilege and responsibility of being a registered club.

Opening a C-Fund

Registered student clubs may open a C-Fund under the Rice University System. Clubs will be able to access their C-Fund online so they can view their transactions, review revenue income and effectively maintain their organization’s budget. Since Rice University does charge student organizations a small interest for having a C-Fund, it is wise to only open a C-Fund if the club plans on keeping the account active and plans on maintaining a positive balance. To qualify for a C-Fund account, student organizations must:

  • Have completed club registration for the current academic year
  • Have their club treasurer complete and pass Treasurer Training
  • Be in good standing with Student Activities

New student organizations that do not currently have a C-Fund account may request an account. To request a C-Fund, please complete the C-Fund Account Request Form.

Multicultural Clubs need to contact Larry Garvey ( and student organizations under Club Sports should contact Chris Watkins (

C-Fund Number and Org Number

Your C-Fund Number will always start with a C, such as C12345. Your Org Number identifies what university department you are registered under.

For example, clubs who have C-Funds housed under Student Activities will have the org number of 545000. Student organizations who are housed under Multicultural Affairs will have the org number of 599000, and organizations who are housed under Club Sports will have the org number of 167070. 

Terminating a C-Fund

A 2% interest is applied to C-Funds that have negative balances, so it is strongly recommended that if your organization decides it doesn’t need a C-Fund anymore to ask Student Activities to terminate your C-Fund account by emailing

Depositing Funds into Your C-Fund

You can deposit funds into your organization’s C-Fund account by bringing cash or a check to the Student Activities Office Monday through Friday between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm. The process is as follows: 

  1. Put the cash or check into an envelope (which can be provided by Student Activities if needed) and write on the envelope:
    1. Organization’s Full Name
    2. C-Fund & Org Number
    3. Today’s Date
    4. Your Name
    5. Total Amount in Envelope 
    6. Source of funds (Fundraiser, membership dues, etc.)
  2. Fill out the Deposit Form

What is BANNER?

BANNER is the name of the online system that is utilized in managing C-Fund information and money.  Access to this system is the key to viewing your funds and managing your account. You must be on the Rice network to access this system from your laptop, which means gaining VPN access. Email if you have problems with VPN access, password resets or other technical issues.

Getting BANNER Access

To initiate BANNER access, please email asking our team to send you the Banner Access Form through Adobe. We will need your Rice Net ID email address to do this. After you receive the form from Adobe, you will fill out the information requested and submit the form. Once the form is processed (about 3-4 weeks), you will be contacted by Administrative Systems via email with a temporary password. You will have one week to set your password. If you do not set up a password within seven days of receiving the email, your temporary password will be invalid, and you will need to request a new temporary password. Once you have set your password, you can log on to BANNER at

If you are having trouble navigating the BANNER system, you can watch the online trainings available on IT’s website. Not all of these videos will apply to your C-Fund, but you might find The Finance TabFinding your Budget and Available Balance and Where Can I View My Current Transactions helpful.

BANNER Access Form

Only those who have completed and passed the online Club Finance Training are eligible to have access to BANNER. The BANNER Access Form is available here.

If you already have BANNER access for a specific club, you do not need to complete a new BANNER Access Form unless you want to add a different club to your individual account.

If your club does not have a C-Fund yet, request a C-Fund before completing the BANNER Access Form by completing the C-Fund Account Request Form.

BANNER Access Form: What to Fill Out

Below are instructions on how to fill out the BANNER Access Form. If you would like assistance, feel free to visit the Student Activities Office.

  1. Insert your name, club info and Rice Net ID. It is critical for processing that you use your club's full name without acronyms and use your Rice Net ID email address and double check that there are no typos!
  2. You will electronically initial and sign the form's security agreement sections. 
  3. Finally, you will add your club's C-Fund number (Ex. C12345) next to where it says "Fund/Fund Type".


Logging into BANNER

Once you receive an email from Admin Systems with a temporary password, you have one week to create your own unique password or the activation link will expire! It may take up to one month to receive this email from Admin Systems after submitting your BANNER Access Form to Student Activities. It could take longer during busy periods, such as the beginning of the academic year. 

You will use your NetID and newly created password to log in at We recommend bookmarking this page for future convenience! 

You must have a Rice Virtual Provider Network (VPN) in order to log on to BANNER. If you do not have a VPN currently setup, please contact Admin Systems at to gain Rice VPN access. 

Troubleshooting BANNER

For questions regarding your password, trouble logging in to BANNER or VPN access, you will need to contact Admin Systems at

For questions regarding your C-Fund Account, please contact Student Activities at or the department through which you setup your C-Fund account.

Checking Your C-Fund Account

  1. Click Financial Queries tab > Budget Status (For WebApps2 Only)
    edgar budget status
  2. Enter the following information:
    • Fiscal Year: 2020
      • The Fiscal Year runs from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020
    • Fiscal Period: Current or desired month
    • Fund: Club’s C-Fund number
    • Org Number: 545000 for Student Activities

    edgar budget status 2

  3. To look at your revenue and transactions, click on Account Summary and click on any of the numbers in blue. Note: The list of transactions will appear in a separate window or tab.
    edgar budget status 4
  4. The Computed Fund Balance is how much available funds you currently have. Note: This may not include recent purchases.
    edgar budget status 3


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