Clubs Receiving Blanket Taxes

Clubs receiving blanket taxes include the Student Association, the Graduate Student Association, the Humanities GSA, Jones School Student Association, KTRU, the Rice Thresher, the Campanile, the Rice Program Council (RPC), the Rice Student Volunteer Program (RSVP), Honor Council, University Court, The Rice Endowment for Sustainable Energy Technology (RESET), and Rice Broadcast Television (RTV5).

Every undergraduate or graduate student pays a fee to blanket tax organizations. Check with the Office of Student Activities for the fee amount for your organization. Early in the fall semester the cashier's office will issue blanket tax checks based on the typical enrollment for that semester and again in the spring semester. The Office of Student Activities will email you when the deposits have been entered into BANNER.

A blanket tax can only be created by a vote of the student body (in the case of undergraduates clubs, or the Graduate Student Association Council in the case of graduate clubs).  The Student Association and Graduate Student Association conduct a yearly review of finances of clubs receiving blanket taxes, all Blanket Tax organizations are required to comply with this process.



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