Frequently Used Account Codes

In addition to your C-fund number and org, you will need to supply an account code to each transaction whether petty cash, business meetings or deposits. Codes frequently used by student clubs are listed below. A full list of account codes can be found on the BANNER website.

Revenues (use for coding deposit forms)

50260 Fees Miscellaneous
57120 Sales Admission (e.g. Events where tickets are charged; subject to sales tax)
57220 Sales External, non taxable (e.g. Sales on tax-free day)
57240 Sales subject to sales tax 
59320 Dues/membership revenues (e.g. Club dues)

Expenses (for coding invoices or petty cash forms)

70150 Signs and banners
70300 Awards/Prizes Undergrad
70310 Business meetings (ex:  Food for business meeting)
70390 Freight and Shipping
70470 Computer equipment maintenance
70860 Entertainment expenses (excluding alcoholic beverages)
70865 Charitable contribution
70870 Flowers and gifts
70877 Student Organization Events
70880 Alcoholic beverages (any purchase of alcohol must be approved by SJP)
70860 Entertainment not including alcohol
70910 Tickets to external events
71000 Film, photography
71510 Unscheduled maintenance
71720 Periodicals, subscriptions, books
71970 Professional services
72190 Office supplies
72330 Costumes
72331 Stage lighting
72332 Scenery
72341 Travel – Airfare
72342 Travel – Ground transportation
72343 Travel – Meals
72344 Travel – Hotels
72360 Travel Rice Employees/Student Only
72365 Registration fees and conferences
72840 Rental expenses – External
72841 Rental expenses – Internal
75360 Moveable equipment sports
78100 Purchase merchandise for resale (ex: T-shirts brought for resale)
78200 Purchase food/beverages for resale

Transfers and IDTs

Use the online IDT form to move money from one club to another (you will need c-fund information for both clubs). Stop by the Student Activities Office if you need help with this.



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