Gifts and Donations

Monetary Donations

The Student Activities Office maintains a gift account for deposits of monetary donations to student organizations: G80483-545000. Donations sent through this account enable donors to receive a tax receipt from Rice University. Rice University then has a fiduciary responsibility to make sure that the donor's money is spent as stipulated by the donor. If a donor receives any type of compensation (t-shirt, CD, ticket, etc.) for their donation, the money MUST NOT be deposited into the gift account, but should go to the club's C-Fund.

Clubs funds donations can be received through the following methods:

1. Online Donations

​ Donors may use the online form through, They must specify the student organization name in the “other” box and type the student organization gift fund info. Our office is sent weekly notification of donations that have been received, and we transfer them into the appropriate club’s C-Fund directly

2. In Person Gifts and Donations

Bring the donation to the Office of Student Activities for deposit into the student organizations gift account.  

Make sure you include the following information with the gift given to your club:

  • A memo specifying the purpose of the gift, the dollar amount received, whom to acknowledge for the gift, and the address of the individual(s).

  • The check made out to Rice University or description of the gift (e.g. auction item donated).

  • The original letter from the donor that accompanied the check. (If there is no letter accompanying the check, copies of any correspondence that led up to the gift should be sent, along with a memo signed by the person who has the most direct knowledge of the donor's intent).

  • Any other documentation that clarifies the intent of the donor or restrictions on the gift.

  • Thank you note to the donor.

NOTE: If the information given to the Student Activities Office is incomplete, the gift will be placed by the Development Office in a clearing account until the information is complete. Funds will not be available until the necessary information is received.

Once your donation has been entered by the Development Office into the Banner system and appears on the Student Organization Gift Account, the Student Activities Office will initiate a transfer of the donation to your C-Fund, providing you show proof of an acknowledgement to your donor (a thank you note to the donor, etc.). Bring your thank you note(s) to the Office of Student Activities for mailing. Your money will then be transferred to your C-Fund.

NOTE: Club Sports should deposit their monetary gifts/donations with the Recreation Center and Jones School Clubs with the Jones Program Office.           

3. Mailed Donations

Ensure companies make out their checks to Rice University, and add in your club name and purpose of the funds on the memo line. These checks can then be mailed directly to our office to the following address: Student Activities - MS 530, Rice Memorial Center 202H, 6100 S. Main St., Houston, TX 77005. This is the process our office follows when depositing these funds:

  • Club brings in or has checks mailed to the Student Activities Office, along with any documentation from donor, and corresponding thank you note. Donor information will be shared with the Rice Development Office.  

  • Development sends out receipt to your donor (to be used for tax purposes) and deposits the gift into a general gift account.

  • Student Activities releases the money to your C-Fund when we verify that your thank you note has been written.

4. Solicitation of Funds from Outside Sources

Before you reach out to external companies the Office of Student Activities must receive a copy of your solicitation letter and list of companies you plan on contacting for approval. Please email, so we can make sure procedures are being followed in partnership with the Development Office.

5. Donations of Property 

To obtain a tax receipt for someone who has donated property to your organization (equipment, etc.) bring the following to the Student Activities Office for submission to the Development Office:

  • A description of the property.

  • The name and address of the donor.

  • Approximate value of the property. (Rice will not assign a value to the receipt, but they do need an approximate value estimated by the donor. If the donor claims that the property is valued at over $5,000, then he/she must get an appraisal and provide Rice with a copy).

NOTE: A PayPal account should not be used to solicit donations. If you have any additional questions about this process, please let us know




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