Information for Club Sports Treasurers

The Recreation Center administers the Club Sports Budget and C-funds through the Club Sports Office x2733 or Student representatives of the Club Sports Committee will allocate the funds provided under the direction of the Club Sports Committee. Each club must be registered with clubs sports and the Office of Student Activities. The sports clubs should supplement University funding through their own resources. Funds for the sports clubs normally come from the following sources:

  • University funding
  • Membership dues
  • On-campus fund raising activities
  • Off-campus solicitation (permitted only in special circumstances and requires permission of the Director of Student Activities)

The Club Sports Committee will normally fund the following expenditures within budgetary limitation and depending on the type of club:

  • Entry fees and dues
  • Officiating costs
  • Equipment
  • Travel expenses on a limited basis

Clubs will be responsible for funding the following:

  • Uniforms
  • Coaching and instruction
  • Promotion and publicity
  • Food while traveling
  • Awards
  • Other/miscellaneous

University funds are requested and allocated as follows:

  • All registered clubs submit a budget to the sports club administrator in early September.
  • A Club Sports Committee meeting is held to discuss allocations and department policies.
  • Funds are awarded to each club for the academic year.

Before funds from the budget can be disbursed, all club sports must have completed the following:

  • Club Sport Registration Form
  • Budget Proposal Form with Equipment and Supplies Wish List
  • Equipment inventory
  • Completed membership list
  • Participation Agreements for each active member
  • Fall Space Usage Request Form
  • Copy of Fall Schedule
  • Driver record with signature for each driver of a rented, leased or university operated vehicle
  • Travel cover sheet for each trip the club takes

These forms can be accessed from the Club Sports website. All reimbursements from the club sports budget or club sports C-funds are handled through the Recreation Center (contact Chris Watkins at



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