Student Activities/President’s Programming (SAPP) Fund

The Student Activities/President’s Programming (SAPP) Fund is designed to provide financial support for student clubs and their events on campus.

All registered student clubs are obligated to follow Rice University policies and procedures for the utilization of SAPP Funding. Please note, all clubs that apply for SAPP Funding must have a Treasurer who has successfully completed Treasurer Training. Financial guidelines and procedures may be found on the Controller's Office Website.

Submit an application for SAPP funding

Fall 2023 Deadlines:

  • Thursday, August 31, 2023
  • Thursday, September 21, 2023
  • Thursday, October 12, 2023
  • Thursday, November 2, 2023

Prior to submitting a SAPP Fund Application, please review the following:

  • The maximum amount of funding for any single club event is $1,500.
  • One of the main purposes of this fund is to foster Rice community. Closed events (for organization members only) usually do not receive funding. Preference will be given to events that are open to the campus community.
  • The committee does not fund expenses for non-Rice participants.
    • NOTE: For events with both Rice and non-Rice participants, food can only be funded for Rice participants.
  • Student workers (student DJs, photographers, etc.) are not funded. Any form of payment towards a Rice faculty/staff/student will also not be funded.
  • Events to be held on-campus will be given priority during the approval process over events that are to be held off-campus.
  • Only finals study breaks qualify for funding. Mid-term or mid-semester study breaks will not be approved.
  • Collaborative Events:
    • Clubs that plan collaborative events should apply for SAPP funding by submitting one application. We will look at how both clubs contribute to fundraising, event planning, and budget allocations.
    • NOTE: Each collaborating club is able to request up to $1,500 for an event. For example, if two clubs are collaborating on an event, each could request $1,500 (as long as the cost breakdown clearly shows which club would be responsible for specific costs) to bring the total request amount up to $3,000.
  • Competitions & Conferences:
    • The committee can fund competitions and conferences that take place on Rice’s campus
    • Due to the high expense and low number of students that can participate in off-campus competitions and conferences the committee does not fund those that students have to travel for.
  • General Meetings:
    • The committee only funds the first general meeting of each semester (as these are usually aimed toward recruiting members, teaching about the club, etc.).
    • Future club meetings will not be funded.
  • Event Series:
    • For an event series that recurs weekly, please submit one application for the full slate of events.
    • For an event series that recurs monthly, please submit an individual application for each occurrence.
    • For an event series that occurs over the span of one week, please submit one application for the full week of events.
  • Marketing/Printing:
    • If marketing materials are being requested, be sure to provide a detailed breakdown of how funds will be spent (i.e. $15 on poster printing, etc.).
    • Please be cognizant about sustainability when printing!
  • Ticketed Events:
    • NOTE: Events that use Venmo as a payment collection method will not be considered for SAPP Funding.

SAPP Funding will not be approved for the following:

  • Alcohol
  • Contributions to campaign funds (includes political contributions/endorsements)
  • Donations to other organizations or charities
  • Fundraising events (e.g. boba sales)
    • NOTE: This includes events that have the intent to generate profit by mandating a participation fee.
  • Prizes/giveaways (includes speaker gifts)
  • Transportation costs (gas, shuttle services, plane tickets, parking, etc.)
  • Lodging (hotels, etc.)
  • Gift cards
  • Salaries
  • Student workers of any form and any payment towards a Rice faculty, staff, or student
  • Expenses for any event that occurred before the deadline, except in the first round
  • Mid-year or mid-semester study breaks
  • Club Promotional items (T-shirts, wristbands, stickers, buttons, etc.)

Examples of what has previously been funded:

  • Event support
  • First general meetings only
  • Cultural Shows
  • Speaker series
  • Educational Information (e.g. posters, pamphlets)
  • Food for campus wide events
  • Music/Play rights for theater/performance events
  • Screening right fees for movie showings on campus
  • New initiatives that benefit Rice
  • Rental fees

If your SAPP Fund Application is approved, please review the following:

  • The SAPP Fund logo must be included on all printed advertisements for any event that receives funding.
  • All receipts must be submitted within one (1) week after the event in order to be eligible to receive funding.
  • All clubs that receive SAPP funding must complete a SAPP Post Event Form within one (1) week after the event.
  • Awarded funding must be spent as specified in the application. Any changes (new items, different quantities, etc.) must be approved by the SAPP Fund Committee before money is spent.
    • If a club uses funding toward unapproved purchases, funding privileges will be revoked for the remainder of the semester.


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