University Financial Accounts

If you have questions about procedures, the following offices should be able to assist you:

  • Payment Solutions X6700 
  • Controller's Office X2478 
  • Student Activities Office, Student Center Admin Offices, top floor, above the Grand Hall, RMC, x4097,

University Financial Account

Any funds handled by registered clubs at Rice University should be managed through a University Financial Account. By having a University Financial Account through Rice, registered student organizations are able to be tax exempt. University Financial Accounts should be utilized to manage club funds, make payments, deposits and reimbursements. This is a privilege and responsibility of being a registered club.

Opening a University Financial Account

Registered student clubs may open a university account and receive a unique org code under the Rice University System. Clubs will access their account online to view their transactions, review revenue income and effectively maintain their organization’s budget. Note: This function will not be available until mid to late August 2021. Since Rice University charges student organizations a small interest fee for having a university account, it is wise to open a financial account only if the club plans to keep the account active and maintain a positive balance. To qualify for a financial account, student organizations must:

  • Have completed club registration for the current academic year 
  • Have their club treasurer complete and pass the Club Finance Training
  • Be in good standing with Student Activities

New student organizations that do not currently have an org code may request an account. To request a university account, please complete the Financial Account Request Form. Multicultural Clubs should contact Larry Garvey (, and student organizations under Club Sports should contact Chris Watkins ( regarding this.

Org Code and Fund Source

Each student organization has its own unique org code (previously called a c-fund number). 

All student organizations will use the fund source or fund type of 101.016500. Clubs will no longer need to remember their department's org numbers of 54500 (Student Activities), 167070 (Club Sports), or 599000 (Multicultural Affairs)

Terminating an Org Code

A 2% interest is applied to university accounts with negative balances, so if your organization decides it no longer needs a financial account to ask Student Activities to terminate your account by emailing 

Depositing Funds into Your University Account

You can deposit funds into your organization’s financial account by filling out the Deposit Slip and taking the slip along with your deposit to the Cashier's Office. The Cashier's Office is on the first floor of the Allen Center. We also have a Deposit Slip Example for you to reference. 

TIP: If depositing a check, take a picture of the check you are depositing for your records!

Checking Account Balance

To check account balance, clubs must email



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