Expectations of Club Sponsor

The following is a list of expectations for club sponsors, please note that this is not necessarily an inclusive list as every club has a unique structure and needs. A sponsor’s actual commitment level will vary depending on their style of leadership and the needs of the organization. If you are interested in having a discussion with your students about what your responsibilities will be and to clarify expectations between both groups, please feel free to follow this link to a helpful worksheet that can assist in this process. This worksheet is helpful in facilitating a discussion between the sponsor and the leaders of the group about the role the sponsor will take. The sponsor should be very clear about what they will do, what they will NOT do, and their expectations from the group as well.

  • Must complete Risk Management Training every 2 years to meet the Texas Law requirement
  • Keep abreast of club activities
  • Be familiar with the club’s constitution and bylaws
  • Meet with the club’s officers regularly.
  • At the beginning of the year, discuss your particular role, responsibilities, and level of involvement
  • Read meeting minutes
  • Support students in logistics planning related to local/domestic and international travel, registering travel (see Forms page), and risk management
  • Attend major club activities and events
  • Help the club maintain consistency with University policies (the Student Handbook is a helpful resource)
  • Be familiar with University facilities, services, and procedures that affect the club
  • Provide continuity, and offer the club a sense of history and direction
  • Help facilitate the transition of the club from year to year
  • Ensure that the club conducts officer elections, participates in the Activities Fair, and re-registers each year
  • Keep official files and copies of correspondence in your office
  • Serve as a resource
  • Have an awareness of the clubs budget, fundraising efforts, and spending
  • Initiate ideas for discussion that could possibly help the club, and speak up when the club is likely to make a poor decision
  • Represent the group in conflicts with members of the university staff

Optional Expectations of a Sponsor (if requested by the club)

  • Keep club paraphernalia, records, etc., over the summer and during officer transition
  • Mediate interpersonal conflicts that arise


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