Club Genre Councils

Explore. Connect. Collaborate.

What is a Club Genre Council?

The Club Genre Councils provide avenues for clubs to learn from each other, act as a liaison between clubs and the Student Activities Office, and promote clubs within their Genre Council throughout the Rice University community.

Mission of the Club Genre Councils System

The mission of the Club Genre Councils is to facilitate interactions between clubs and serve as a source of support and advocacy for registered student organizations on the Rice University campus.

Goals of the Club Genre Councils

The goals of the Club Genre Councils include improving communication, increasing collaboration potential between clubs, and to prevent club duplication by ensuring new clubs demonstrate they are unique from existing clubs on campus.

Who are the Genre Councils?

  • Academic & Honorary
  • Cultural & International
  • Environmental & Sustainability
  • Political
  • Recreational & Sports
  • Religious & Spiritual
  • Service
  • Social Justice
  • Social & Special Interest
  • STEM
  • Visual & Performing Arts

In addition to posting club events on OwlNest, clubs can also market their events by emailing the different Club Genre listservs (shown below).

You can now search for clubs based on their genre in OwlNest!

On the “Organizations” page, you can select a genre from the “Categories” drop down menu. All of the clubs that have registered as being affiliated with that genre will then be displayed.

Benefits for Clubs

Involvement Opportunities

  • Contribute to the legacy of your club's genre on campus by being a Genre Council Lead. Discover mentorship opportunities through events, meetings and other sponsored programming.
  • Participate in collaboration events, workshops and more!

Access to Resources

  • Subscribe, receive & send out emails with the Council Listservs about collaboration opportunities, events, resources, & more!
  • Use the new club engagement platform to advertise, utilize discussion boards, & be informed about upcoming events!

Additional Funding

  • Access to special funding for Club Genre Council sponsored events that feature innovative collaboration between clubs, councils and/or alumni.
  • When applying for SAPP funding, student organizations are able to receive up to $1,500 per group.

Genre Council Lead and/or Co-Leads

Each Genre Council has a Lead or Co-Leads who work to plan and facilitate the Genre Council meetings, maintain the Genre Council Listserv and act as a liaison between the clubs within their Club Genre and the Student Activities Office. They will also help budget for, plan and execute any events the Genre Council would like to host, such as networking events with alumni or collaboration events.

Only individuals who are in good standing with Rice University and are a member of a club that has successfully completed renewal/registration will be able to hold a Council Lead/Co-Lead position. Individuals do not have to be an officer of a club in order to be considered for a Council Lead or Co-Lead position.

For more info about applying to be a Council Lead, email

Have ideas for how the Club Genre Councils can help support your club? We want to hear your feedback and ideas! Email us at



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