ALFA Cultural Programming Fund

Why was this fund established?

The Cultural Programming Fund was established to guarantee funds for cultural groups and their programming, for preexisting and future events. The endowment of these funds allows groups to focus more on quality programming as well as ease their efforts to balance academics, with programming and the amount of time they currently utilize in fundraising efforts. This application distributes a portion of the fund amongst new programming events hosted by cultural organizations.

Cultural Programming Fund Guidelines

These funds are allocated to cultural organizations for NEW events that are open to the ENTIRE campus!

Funding will support:

  • The greater benefit of Rice University, not personal use, or funding that benefits an individual (Rice Purchasing Manual).
  • Opportunities that foster relationships through the campus/community that enhance or initiate interaction between Rice students.
  • Only registered student organization activities are allowed to participate. To be considered a registered student organization, groups must complete the process outlined at (Groups that have registered previously and chose not to re-register with Student Activities will not be considered for funding).

Funding Amounts

  • The amount of the ALFA Cultural Programming fund varies each year.
  • The fund is not intended to fund events in their entirety.

Funding requests

  • Funding requests must be made by a registered student organization. This does not prevent an individual or group of individuals from applying for funds, but they must have the sponsorship of a registered student organization.
  • The sponsoring organization must make efforts to also secure funds from other sources.
  • Funds must be for a future event, funding is not meant to be retroactive. Early fall events that occur prior to the first Cultural Programming Fund deadline may be considered for funding during the first application review, if the sponsoring organization turns in a request form prior to the event. The Office of Multicultural Affairs does not guarantee that all funding requests will be met, and no awarding of funds will be made prior to the stated committee timeline.
  • Any events occurring after the first deadline will not be funded retroactively, so groups should plan accordingly.
  • All receipts must be in the spirit of original request. Multicultural Affairs reserves the right not to provide reimbursement if this criteria is not met
  • Notification of the award received from the grant, if any, will arrive within two weeks of the award deadline via email.
  • Money will NOT be awarded by the grant for the following items:
    • Alcohol
    • Contributions to campaign funds
    • Donations to other organizations
    • Gift cards (the exception is Barnes & Noble)
    • Parking fees/permits/tickets
    • Partisan political endorsements
    • Salaries
    • Anything illegal, unethical, or unsanctioned, and/or items that do not conform to local & Federal laws, and/or university policy.

Application Form Link

Club Sports

What does this support and who can apply?

Registered Club Sports only. For more information on what a club sport is go to:

How and when to apply?

Budget requests are usually due very early in the fall semester. For more information contact Club Sports at X5398 or

Hilda and Hershel Rich Family Endowment for Student Community Service

Who does this support and who can apply?

The purpose of this fund is to support student engagement with societal issues through a multi-faceted approach, including both individual and group activities, through volunteerism, internships, research projects, and other relevant activities. The projects are intended to make a distinctive impact upon society, raise awareness among the Rice community, and foster and encourage leadership and creativity among Rice students. Any Rice undergraduate or graduate student is eligible to apply.

How and when to apply?

The application deadline each academic year is in the fall semester (late October). On-line applications are accepted through OWL-Space and information on the application process is available at  For more information, contact a staff member at the Community Involvement Center at (713) 348-4970.

Dr. Bill Wilson Student Initiative Grant

What does this support?

The grant provides support for an innovative or entrepreneurial student project to improve student activities or campus life. In particular, this grant hopes to improve the infrastructure for undergraduate activities. Awards are normally between $500 - $5,000 each..

Who can apply?

The money can be used for any worthwhile student project, however, salaries and/or travel will not be supported. BE CREATIVE.

How and when to apply?

Proposals are due on a date to be determined each fall. Any Rice student may submit a proposal. Proposals can be sent to the College Coordinator, Wiess College, MS-738.

New Club Fund

Why was this fund established?

New clubs on campus often have great ideas, inspiration, and the drive to make positive change for our campus and community but get stalled in their efforts to move forward because they lack funds to get started. Student Activities hopes to support these organizations by providing a New Club Fund that will support these groups.

Who can apply?

  • New Clubs in their first academic year of being active (and reviving groups that have been inactive for at least two academic years, but not more than three, and do not already have an established C-Fund with a balance greater than a $100) that have completed the registration process through Student Activities and have been endorsed by either the Student Association (SA) or the Graduate Student Association (GSA) as a new club. To be considered a registered student organization, groups must complete the process outlined at
  • Clubs that have initiated the club registration process and have filled all steps up to the SA/GSA approval may apply for funds and funds may be awarded pending SA/GSA approval. However, funds will not be released until the SA/GSA approval has been granted.
  • Clubs whose mission and purpose is to benefit Rice University, not personal use, or funding that benefits an individual (Rice Purchasing Manual).

Source of the New Club Fund

The money that will support the New Club Fund will be a percentage of the funds from the Student Activities Presidents Programming Fund dollars allocated by the SAPP committee to support new clubs. Students should be aware that this means that the source for this funding is limited and there may be new clubs that are not funded in full or at all.

Funding Amounts

New Club Grants will be no more than $250. (For larger projects and events, clubs should consider applying to the SAPP fund at You may be asked to meet with staff from the Student Activities office prior to a decision being made about funding.  Student Activities will inform you of the amount awarded after reviewing your information below.

Funds will be deposited to a C-fund created for your club's use. Follow the treasurer guidelines on the clubs website for reimbursement procedures. Forms for reimbursements are available in the Student Activities Office. Clubs may request to use a purchasing card to avoid out of pocket expenses.

Please fill out the form online (NetID protected Form).

Student Activities President’s Programming Fund (SAPP)

Sustainability-Focused Funding Sources

Student Association Initiative Fund

What does this support and who can apply?

The SA Initiative Fund supports new, undergraduate student-related programming or initiatives that enhance campus spirit, expand educational and cultural opportunities, and/or provide opportunities that otherwise seem valuable to students. 

How and when to apply?

Applications are due once in the fall and spring semesters. More information on specific deadline and how to apply can be found on the Student Association website at  


What does this support and who can apply?

GradStarter funds are intended to support innovative projects that promote academic achievement and intellectually engage the broader Rice graduate student and postdoc community. Anyone with an affiliation to Rice graduate students can apply (see website for more details).

How and when to apply?

Proposals are due in fall for funding consideration the following spring. Please see website for specific deadlines and more information on how to apply at  

Graduate Student Association (GSA) Enrichment Grant

What does this support and who can apply?

The GSA Enrichment Grant sponsors broad-based educational, cultural, or service projects proposed by members of the Rice University community. Funded events or projects must be open for all graduate student participation. Enrichment Grants do not exceed one thousand dollars ($1000) per funding award. 

How and when to apply?

Deadlines are 11:59PM on the 1st of every month. The Grants Committee reviews Enrichment Grant applications on a monthly basis. For questions, contact the Grants Director. Please visit the GSA website for more information on how to apply at  

Graduate Student Activity Grant (also for individuals)

What does this support and who can apply?

The Graduate Student Activity Grant (GSAG) will provide supplementary funding for broad-based educational, cultural, service projects, or social events that may not be able to accommodate all graduate students. Individuals and groups may apply. The GSAG will not exceed two hundred fifty dollars ($250) per award (one award per event). Each individual is limited to one award per semester. 

How and when to apply?

The Grants Committee reviews GSAG applications on a monthly basis. Deadlines are 11:59PM on the 1st of every month. For questions, contact the Grants Director. Please visit the GSA website for more information on how to apply at  

GSA Community Service Funding

What does this support and who can apply?

The GSA has allocated funds to provide organizations/students with ideas for service activities. All Rice graduate students, undergraduate students, faculty, staff and campus organization may submit proposals for funding. To receive funding, events must be open to participation by graduate students. The maximum value of any award will be five hundred dollars ($500) and the number of awards will be left to the discretion of the Community Service Committee. 

How and when to apply?

Please contact the GSA Community Service Director if you would like more information. Or visit the GSA website for more information on how to apply at  

GSA Professional Development Grant

What does this support and who can apply?

The purpose of the professional development grant is to improve and expand the professional development opportunities available to graduate students at Rice. 

How and when to apply?

Deadlines are 11:59PM on the 1st of every month. The Grants Committee reviews Professional Development Grant applications on a monthly basis. Please visit the GSA website for more information on how to apply at




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